2006 Mario Racing Gals - Four Jewels
5 2006 Mario Racing Gals - Four Jewels

After being some what disappointed with the Mario Gals Four Dreams photo DVD I wasn’t holding out much hope for the Four Jewels racequeen DVD from the girls but to be honest it was not that bad. 


The first couple of chapters introduce the girls and set the scene in a holiday atmosphere, running on the beach and playing games nothing out of the ordinary. One thing that did get my attention was the girls were very hands on with each other, helping each other remove their clothes and showing affection for each other,  possible influenced by the Japanese singing duet GAM, if you have ever seen their music videos you will know what I mean..  



A racequeen DVD has to have a team uniform chapter and Mario Gals pulls out the stops with just under twenty minutes of uniform time. With that amount of time no team member was left out. The shots were varied and interesting from head to toe,  pausing in all the right places. Something I could of watched all-day.  The location of the scene was unique, it was near to a public road. I couldn’t but wonder what the drivers were thinking as they went driving by. 


After a hard days work it was time to bathe, in an old oil drum and what look like a large cast iron pot, a slight twist on the usual bikini scenes with the girls tipping water over themselves. 


Also on the DVD is Five days one summer – Okinawa 2006,  a behind the scenes look at the making of the dvd with the girls traveling, putting their makeup on and eating etc.

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