Case of Race Queen 3
5 Case of Race Queen 3

Some people have their favourite movie star, others their favourite recording artists and as you are here you probably have your favourite race queen.  Now it doesn’t matter when you fell in to that very sticky honey pot of RQ heaven this video is a must have. The video footage may be from 2001 but it includes so many famous and well-loved race models the year is not that important.

Shot in the pit-line and the paddock area you get a sense of the mayhem that occurs when the models are presented to the crowds in the teams’ sponsors colours and outfits. 

The video does contain the obligatory LA shots but don’t let that put you off after all you are still getting to see some of the most popular models of the time including Team Srilanka Mario with Yinling and Toko Ushikawa , JLoc – nine models, C-Span race model Yukari Iwafuji and many more from Super GT and Formula Nippon.

Mario race queens and friends
Our verdict on The case of Race Queen 3
“ No sign of Twister but still get it, If only to see Toko Ushikawa and Yinling at work . ”
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