Korean Race Models
  • SASKorean Models from the S.A.S from a few years ago.
    Wed, August 24th | Korean Models
  • BAT ArchiveA long time ago there was a couple of race queen fans John P and Ken C who loved to share their...
    Wed, November 11th | Photosets
  • Carfe RacemodelsIt may have been a cold day and bleak day but it didn’t stop the models working.
    Wed, November 11th | Photosets
  • Kia RacemodelA hard at work Kia racemodel from a cold Speed Festival event in South Korea.
    Wed, November 11th | Photosets
  • MeccatuneIn an outfit very reminiscent of the Yellow Corn racequeen the Meccatune race modals were looking...
    Wed, November 11th | Photosets
  • Korean Race Models - SupercarA small selection of photos for race models from South Korea from Kyle, this time from the Supercar...
    Sun, September 27th | Photosets
  • Ecsta Skid Rush Race ModelA selection of photos of the Skid Rush race models from a round of the Ecsta.
    Mon, April 06th | Ecsta
  • Shell Oils Promo GirlsWe have been looking deep into the old photo collections and decided that the Shell Oil girls from a...
    Tue, March 03rd | Ecsta
  • FlashbackIt been a good couple of years since we pulled the plug on the old website RQDirect, but now and...
    Mon, March 02nd | Korea