The Fascination of Race Queen
5 The Fascination of Race Queen

All too often the campaign model movies can get a little too personal, this one however does not. With footage that would not be out of place on Top Gear you get just under two hours of delight from the show floor. 

Not only do you get to see the campaign models in all their finery but you also get to see some of the cars as well, all be it with the model standing in front of it, you can’t have everything.   It’s also the first DVD I’ve seen in a while that includes some of the dance routines from the show these are performed by the models from Mitsubishi motors and Goodyear, now they are never going to impress Simon Cowell but it breaks up the viewing a little.

Close-up shots are at a minimum with the majority of the film shot from a more sympathetic photographic distance, there is some camera shake but not to the point where it becomes a problem. 

Campaign models 2004 TAS
The Fascination of Race Queen
JS Racing campaign models Satoih Yuuki, Mizuki Nichika and Nicole Novella.
Our verdict on The Fascination of Race Queen
“ A more refined look at the campaign models at the show ”
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