Yuka Tachibana
RQ Majors (RQメジャーズ) was a set of eight DVDs released in 2010. It comprised two compilation dvd with three race queens on each, and a more in depth individual dvd release for each idol.
RQ Vol 4
The last in the series of amateur race queen video from past Formula Nippon events. As with the other the releases the video and audio quality is excellent.
RQ Vol 3
It’s hard to imagine that this film was shot at the tail-end of the last century, and that many of the race queens are possible on the verge of being grandmothers. But even that thought did not put us off taking a look at the third...
RQ360 08 Yayoi Uehara  /上原やよい
Yayoi Uehara is looking her best in this the RQ360 2008 release from Magical. Yayoi Uehara is shown in many outfits including her Total Benefit race queen uniform.
RQ360  Kaori Morita / 森田香央里
2008 Zent Sweetie Kaori Morita. A Three minute photo library is also in the disc.
Campaign Models
A small selection of campaign models from cira 2004.
Hitomi Yasueda
An interest and long video clip of the lovely Hitomi Yasueda.
Super Race Queen Pit Girls Collection - Book 3
Released on Amazon in the UK on the 22nd April is the ebook Super Race Queen Pit Girls Collection - Book 3. Featuring the popular race queen Ririno Oomiya from Kondo Racing. This ebook contains 100 photos of the race queen in high...