Top GT Race Queen 2002
5 Top GT Race Queen 2002

The dvd starts well with a professional feel with good music and photography. The five racequeens featured in the dvd are all introduced with their vital stats. 

The main menu presents you with three options, the customary “Play all”, or by “race queen” selection and a ’Five race queen’, more on that one later. 


Each of the race queen presentations follow a similar format to other race queen dvd’s, there is a mix of team pit lane outfits, bikini and lingerie set. The locations range from the beach to a motor bike museum and a boat yard. There are no subtitles on the dvd, which is a shame as the girls talk about their childhood. 


Under the ’Five race queen’ menu here we have the opportunity to see all the racequeens together in team colours, interacting with each other. The set works well and is very pleasing on the eye. Let’s be honest you can never get tired of seeing Toko! 


Included in the ’Five race queen’ is another Japanese favorite pastime, school uniforms. And who doesn’t want to see their favorite race queen dressed this way. It may seem a little strange for Europeans but it’s something you get use to. 


This dvd starts very promising but ultimately fails to deliver, the inclusion of the end credit as a chapter listing in each of the race queen chapter section is disappointing, as is Nao Nanao not appearing in her race costume on track. The quality of the footage varies, and at times looks like it was shot with a camcorder. It does have some good points the “Five race queen” section was excellent, but this is not enough to rescue the dvd. 


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