RQ Vol 4
RQSS-004 | Genre: Racequeen
Runtime : 180 mins
Release Date : September 2008 (JAP)
Publisher : Kakure Ana
A total of 180 minutes of track and pit lane idol fandom from rounds of the 2001 Formula Nippon championship and the Super Taikyu Series among other. (隠穴/RQ最終放出 勝利)
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RQ Vol 4
The last in the series of amateur race queen video from past Formula Nippon events. As with the other the releases the video and audio quality is excellent.
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It’s hard to imagine that this film was shot at the tail-end of the last century, and that many of the race queens are possible on the verge of being grandmothers. But even that thought did not put us off taking a look at the third...
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