RQ360 08 Yayoi Uehara / 上原やよい
5 RQ360 08 Yayoi Uehara  / 上原やよい

Let’s be honest the cover tells you that Yayoi is smokin’ hot. And unlike others in the 2008 releases in the series by Magical does looks like Yayoi is actually enjoying herself while making the DVD.

Split over the customary twelve chapters the 2008 Total Benefit race queen can be seen in a range of outfits ranging from a yellow maids outfit while cooking to what looks strangely like a knitted green bikini.  The best is left for last as this is when Yayoi goes from her office outfit to roll around on her bed in her very tasteful pink and black lingerie. 

As with all DVD we look at this one contains no nudity, after all its not really needed.

Our verdict on RQ360 08 Yayoi Uehara / 上原やよい
“ Yayoi comes across really well in this release. Worth a look for all RQ fans. ”
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RQ360 08 Yayoi Uehara / 上原やよい
Genre: Gravure
Runtime : 51 mins
Publisher : Magical Inc
Release Date : November 2008 (JAP)
Starring : Uehara Yayoi