Four Dreams
5 Four Dreams

Now its the first time I’ve looked at a Racequeen photo CD and I was not to sure what to expect. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it, its just well a little boring and very repetitive, being constantly reminded on screen to ‘believe in myself ’ and ‘be happy’  didn‘t help thing along.  The music that accompanies the slideshow is upbeat and passable, if some what irritating by the end of the ten minute ordeal. 


The disc its self is not professionally pressed but recorded on a standard blank CDR,  the print quality for the disc label and case inlays were fine but does give the overall impression of cheapness with an eye on cashing in on the Mario girls popularity.


This is one to avoid unless you are a die hard fan of the girls.  You would better spending  your 2000 Yen on something else, or maybe putting it toward the four jewels DVD.


This is one in a set of five photo CD that were released in December 2006.

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