Formula Nippon Image Girl - Nozomi Hasegawa
5 Formula Nippon Image Girl - Nozomi Hasegawa

This is one of a set of three DVDs released to cover the Image girls of the Formula Nippon Championship in 2004. 

The film is divided up into twelve chapters, given the short runtime this meant the chapters were short but this made for a more straight to the point and very watch able release. 

Covering the normal racequeen / idol DVD format the DVD didn’t offer anything new, but what was presented was presented in a very professional manner. 


What I particularly liked about this release was the number of chapters that we were treated to seeing Nozomi in her Image girl outfit, now if that was not enough these scenes of Nozomi were actually shot at was a race circuit. Having the scenes take place in natural surroundings so to speak added that little bit extra to the proceedings. 


Now apart from the usual bikini scenes on the DVD there were two other scenes worthy of mention, the first featured Nozomi sitting on a breakfast bar wearing white lingerie. Now the scene only lasted for three minutes but not a second was wasted, with the camera caressing virtually every inch of Nozomi body. It did appear that a soft focus was used on the shot but this made Nozomi look even more gorgeous particularly with her full red lips. 


The second scene had Nozomi wearing a black sequin bikini with patent black high heel shoes. What was special was the scene was in slow motion, with Nozomi moving and spinning around as if chased up several flights of stairs, this provided for a low and interesting camera angles. Piano music and the use of a low sun added warmth. 


It’s hard for me to find a fault with this DVD, the mix of locations, music and outfits were all excellent. This has certainly has become one of my favorite racequeen DVDs.

Our verdict on 2004 FNIG Formula Nippon Image Girl - Nozomi Hasegawa
“ Great all rounder ”
The Good
image girl outfit
The Bad
short at 35 mins
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