Super GT Race Queen Memorial 2007
5 Super GT Race Queen Memorial 2007

Well it has been a long time coming but finally the powers behind the Super GT have released an official racequeen DVD, a memorial to the 2007 racequeens. 


Released as a two disk set with one disk devoted to the GT500 racequeens and the other disk for the racequeens from the GT300 race series, it also comes complete with a twenty four page booklet with profiles and team information for each of the racequeens along with a special lipstick smacked Super Lip card. The Super Lip card is of course random so there is no way of knowing whose lips will greet you when you crack open your copy. With so many racequeen to cover it was a great relief to see that they had the foresight to use the two disks. The first disk, the GT500 covers a total of 63 racequeens, from the twenty GT500 race teams along with the Super GT image girls - Shiny and the GT Babes. Twenty six teams from the GT300 are on the second disk, a total of 95 racequeens. 


So many girls to cover every second is precious, the time given for each girl varies between 80 to 100 seconds, now this may not seem a lot but if works out just fine. Now depending on which racequeen you choose her time on screen is made up of either a mix of her first posing wearing her race team uniform and then looking equally as gorgeous wearing street wear or we just see her in purely her race team uniform. The camera angles used are all tried and tested toe to head sweeps, nothing new but something that has always worked well making sure that everyone’s tastes are covered, with a few pauses in all the right spots of course. A couple of extras are included with most of the team selections, a small behind the scene piece with the girls eating, dancing, getting ready applying makeup etc. and another with the girls in the pit lane taking Polaroid’s and making their “Super Lip cards”. Another nice touch is when you select the teams from the main menu you are treated to a short intro with all the racequeens from the team, a real nice touch. 


Over the last few years there has not been too many racequeen DVDs that take a look at the race models together in their team outfits. Hopefully this release will be a success paving the way for more to come. This is without doubt this is a very good compilation of all the racequeen, something that’s been long overdue. Just one word of warning, make sure that your hands are clean when you’re looking at the booklet, it’s printed on black shiny paper the type that picks up fingerprints easily.


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