Gals Paradise DVD Special 2016
The end of year Gals Paradise Movie is a return to the mix of race outfits and bikinis reminiscent of the idol movies of old.  The 2016 movie is packed with 15 of the years most loved race queens.
Gals Paradise DVD Special 2015
Released on the 20th November issue included a 110 minute DVD this proved very popular selling out fast at some retailers. Main contents Gals Paradise Special gravure featuring Hino Reika, Horio Misaki, Nagase Aya, Seno Yurie and Akutsu...
Kato Satohona First Image DVD
The image DVD debut of the TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) "rank kingdom" hostess Kato Satohona will be released on the 27th of November, the twenty year old known for her trademark red glasses is the 11th generation MC of "rank...
The latest DVD from Shinjo Reika entitled Aromatic is out on the 27th November.  This will be her fourth gravure release. Date of Birth: October 5, 1994 Size: T151 B84 W57 H87 Blood type: AB type Hometown: Saitama Prefecture ...
Gals Paradise 2014 DVD Special
End of the year Gals Paradise Special DVD special.