Campaign Girl *** Mania - キャンギャルおっぱいマニア
5 Campaign Girl *** Mania - キャンギャルおっぱいマニア

Forget about the cover and the obvious titillation it promises, this has to be without doubt one of the best campaign model / auto show movies out there. The quality of the video is very good, given its age, but for me what makes it stand out is the amazing number of well know race queens and the absence of a watermark.

One of the many highlights has to be Izumi Yokoyama (T168 B91 W59 H89) in her definitely non-standard Endless race queen outfit, although I would have loved to have seen a few shots of Shoko Hamada.

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“ Loads of different models from the show ”
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Campaign girl mania - キャンギャルおっぱいマニア
Genre: Racequeen
Runtime : 75 mins
Release Date : June 2004 (JAP)
Starring : Izumi Yokoyama