Auto Gallery Race Queen Contest 2004
5 Auto Gallery Race Queen Contest 2004

The release covers the Auto Gallery Race Queen pageant 2004 along with some of the race and campaign models from the more popular stands on the show floor.  This one is more for the fan of the pageant than anything else with 60% of the runtime devoted to the popular contest. 

The campaign models from Auto Klein Gals Heaven, Honda Style, K-Speed and Blick were the main focus of interest from the show floor. Considering the size of the event it would have been nice to see a few more different models. 

Overall is one is quite watchable if a little unvaried.

Our verdict on Captivating Campaign Girl 10 Auto Gallery Tokyo 2004
“ Not a bad way to pass an hour ”
The Good
good video quality for 2004
The Bad
needed to cover more from the show floor
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