Promotional Model 2
5 Promotional Model 2

We had an old DVD from 2004 drop through the letter box this week, it was only a few hundred Yen and not the eye watering 4000 that it was priced at when it was released. What you get is 100 minutes of mainly unknown models from circa 2004/3 filmed at custom or aftermarket show.

No top models or big players in this one but the picture and sound quality were OK, but not as good as some of the later releases. It was however nice to see a more normal shoot with less LA (Low Angle) camera work, something that became all too common in later years.  The most off putting aspect of the film is the amount of time you will spend with your head tilted at 45 degrees when you’re watching it, a natural reaction to the way most of the film was presented.  In fairness the guy doing the work it could not be helped it’s the only way to get more of the model in the frame.

 Check out the video below to see what we mean.

Our verdict on Promotional Model 2
“ Only for a true fan of the genre. ”
The Good
no la makes change
The Bad
shooting angle
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