Campaign Girls Tokyo Auto Salon 2008
5 Campaign Girls Tokyo Auto Salon 2008

This is the worst one so far in the collection and I would leave well alone unless you what to complete a collection. You know something is wrong from the moment you start to watch the video, a few seconds later you realise that the aspect ratio on screen is wrong, the DVD is presented in 4:3 but the footage from the show was shot in 16:9. It takes only a moment to fix this with a few button presses on the remote but come on Ultra Video.  Unfortunately the camera work on this movie is not the best suffering from too many zoomed close-ups resulting in a lot of headache inducing camera shake.  All the dance routines were ruined because of this and due to the fact a lot of the time all you had was a wobbly shot of the background because the cameraman could not get a dancer in frame. 


The video sample below has had the aspect ratio corrected and is of the more watchable  moments.


Our verdict on Captivating Campaign Girl 3 Tokyo Auto Salon 2008
“ headache inducing camera shake ”
The Good
nothing excels
The Bad
aspect ratio
camera shake
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