Surreal Moment
A very surreal moment at the show almost invisible to the crowd.
Mutant Babes MAX Power 2005
Kicker have been producing audio products since 1973 and had a huge presents at the show.
Yuka Tachibana
RQ Majors (RQメジャーズ) was a set of eight DVDs released in 2010. It comprised two compilation dvd with three race queens on each, and a more in depth individual dvd release for each idol.
Remembering Max Power
The Max Power show know by some as the T*ts and tin at the NEC was a mega popular custom car show filled to the brim with on stage events, more cars than you could shake a stick at and not to forget one or two aspiring models. The...
RQ Majors Yuka Tachibana
Yuka Tachibana was a 2010 Super GT 300 racequeen for Mach GoGoGo when this dvd was released.  As is the norm for RQ Majors (RQメジャーズ) releases this movie is in nine chapters, eight standard chapters and a...