Race Queen
Classic Race Queen
We finish off todays classic race queen scan sets with the second set from Kuni.
Classic Race Queen
We contune todays look at some classic race queen scan sets. This is part one of two by Kuni.
JGTC the top of Race Queen
We go back to around 2000 / 2001 for this classic race queen look.
The Fascination of Race Queen
All too often the campaign model movies can get a little too personal, this one however does not. With footage that would not be out of place on Top Gear you get just under two hours of delight from the show floor. Not only do you get...
Gals Paradise 2016 Race Queen Debut
The Gals Paradise 2016 race queen debut edition includes a free gift of a double sided poster.  This edition has the top ten from the newcomers’ category from the 2016 Race Queen awards. 
Case of Race Queen 3
Some people have their favourite movie star, others their favourite recording artists and as you are here you probably have your favourite race queen.  Now it doesn’t matter when you fell in to that very sticky honey pot of RQ...
This was the first of two DVDs that the former Race Queen Megu Aoyama blessed us with in 2014. The second one being Impact, a 99 minute delight that was released seven months later in October.
2016 Super GT Race Queen Official Guide Book
The perfect gift for any race queen fan has to be this year’s 2016 guide. Released on the 7th May this issue not only has a rundown of all the year’s race queens from the GT500 and GT300 teams but contains an exclusive giant...
Gals Paradise DVD Special
Released on the 20th November issue included a 110 minute DVD this proved very popular selling out fast at some retailers. Main contents Gals Paradise Special gravure featuring Hino Reika, Horio Misaki, Nagase Aya, Seno Yurie and Akutsu...