Gals Paradise
Gals Paradise DVD Special 2016
The end of year Gals Paradise Movie is a return to the mix of race outfits and bikinis reminiscent of the idol movies of old.  The 2016 movie is packed with 15 of the years most loved race queens.
GALS PARADISE 2017 東京オートサロン
Campaign models from the 2017 Auto Show, comes with a free gift of a 2017 calendar.
GALS PARADISE 2016 スペシャル
The end of the year DVD special.  The featured race queens are Kiyose Machi, Hiro Miyuki, Saito Ayumi, Minori Fujii and Oshino. The DVD is 120 minutes and region free.
Gals Paradise Top Race Queens 2016
The annual Top 50 Race Queens edition is out covering race queens from different walks of motorsport. This isue also inludes a free gift of a lens cloth to wipe those marks away.
Gals Paradise 2016 Race Queen Debut
The Gals Paradise 2016 race queen debut edition includes a free gift of a double sided poster.  This edition has the top ten from the newcomers’ category from the 2016 Race Queen awards. 
2016 Super GT Race Queen Official Guide Book
The perfect gift for any race queen fan has to be this year’s 2016 guide. Released on the 7th May this issue not only has a rundown of all the year’s race queens from the GT500 and GT300 teams but contains an exclusive giant...
Gals Paradise 2016 Auto Show Edition
As they no longer produce the A-Class special edition in January the first Gals Paradise of the year comes out just after the TAS, and here it is, contains photos, stats and information on all the major campaign girls from the 2016 TAS....
Gals Paradise DVD Special 2015
Released on the 20th November issue included a 110 minute DVD this proved very popular selling out fast at some retailers. Main contents Gals Paradise Special gravure featuring Hino Reika, Horio Misaki, Nagase Aya, Seno Yurie and Akutsu...
Gals Paradise Top Race Queens 2015
Date of the latest issue is September 17, 2015.
Gals Paradise 2015 Race Queen Debut
This issue of Gals Paradise continues its tried and trusted approach to documenting all the new Race Queen rookies.