Campaign Models
Goodyear Angles 2016
The 2016 Goodyear Angels are Tsukasa Arai, Mai Nishimura, Yurie Seno and Risa Ootsu.
The Fascination of Race Queen
All too often the campaign model movies can get a little too personal, this one however does not. With footage that would not be out of place on Top Gear you get just under two hours of delight from the show floor. Not only do you get...
Campaign Girl *** Mania - キャンギャルおっぱいマニア
Forget about the cover and the obvious titillation it promises, this has to be without doubt one of the best campaign model / auto show movies out there. The quality of the video is very good, given its age, but for me what makes it...
Event Companions
It just goes to show it’s never too late to release an event DVD, no matter when that event was. This one released in 2013 with one of the most dated covers I’ve seen in a while transports you back to the 2003 Tokyo Auto...
Campaign Models
A small selection of campaign models from cira 2004.