Auto Shows
イベントコンパニオン 3
Video of the campaign models from the 2003 TAS. Featuring a thirty minute Toyota stage show with dancing, fashion show and a presentation of the cars.
美人コンパニオン秘盗撮 本物映像激写!
The first in a seris of three. This the first one was shot on a hot and windy day in 2003 at a wagon after market show.  Plenty of different models representing various brands.
美人コンパニオン秘盗撮 本物映像激写!!
Various campaign models as seen through the lens of a show goer at a 2004 Auto show.
激撮されたキャンギャル達BEST 04
A mix of models from various shows, gaming and auto with a surprise cosplay ending.
イベントコンパニオン 2
A little known event companion DVD from 2004.