Gals Paradise Plus Vol.01
5 Gals Paradise Plus Vol.01

A Gals Paradise download special that you may of missed was put out in Jan 2012 and was an addition to the 2011 Best 50 race queens magazine. The download is split into five parts. 

Part 1 2011 Top Race Queen Best 50 + α

Race queens that did not make it into the print edition of the magazine.


Part 2 Sucre on holiday

Photo Special of the race queen idol unit "Sucre" that was created in 2011.  


Part 3 Pick Up Costume! RACE QUEEN 12 Styles.

Focus on 12 super Gt teams and the costumes the race queen ware


Part 4 Play Back 2011

Selection for photos from grid walks during the Super GT2011 season.


Part 5 ODM58


Gals Paradise Plus Vol.01
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